The Artist

"“I want to portray each animal I paint as an individual with its own unique personality, to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, a feeling that they’ve shared amomentary magical encounter with the animal itself.” "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Laara Cassells is a formidable realist painter who creates spellbinding wildlife paintings.  She has an extraordinary gift of bringing the animals to life with her finely detailed brush stroke. Her paintings make you feel as if you are in close proximity to these magnificent animals who are one with nature. These beautiful creatures, painted in their natural settings, bring to life the beauty with which mother nature surrounds us.  Laara is inspired by the wide variety of wildlife to be found in her local area in Alberta, Canada.  She states, "I find endless ‘photo ops’ locally and we have a family of foxes under our barn. I am constantly inspired to paint!”  Since 2010 her award-winning work has been shown in over 95 exhibitions worldwide.  Laara has exhibited drawings and paintings in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland and across the USA and Canada.

Recent Artwork