"I wish to encourage awareness of the interconnected nature of our world and the species we risk losing through over-consumption of resources. "

I carve many endangered animals in stone.  When a sculpture is sold, I donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization that helps to protect and foster that animal. 

So far, I have donated to the following organizations:

Panthera--"Save the Tiger"

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee--"Desert Queen"

Fauna and Flora International--"The Last Dinosaur"

Natural Resources Defense Council--"Monarchs Matter", "See Through Other Eyes:  Spotted Owl"

Wild Dog Conservancy--"One For All"

Amphibian Ark--"One Handsome Frog"

Forever Free Horse Rescue--"Sassy", "Pretty-Girl", "Moon Horse"


Conservation Projects & Causes

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Saving Endangered Species

The Artists For Conservation 2018 Exhibition spotlights birds.  As human-caused global warming accelerates, more and more species of birds are threatened with extinction around the world.