Katie Roberts was born in New York.  However, her parents moved while she was months old, so, rural Vermont became her home.  Growing up without television or modern technology, Katie was entirely self-taught.  She developed her art talents completely in drawing with pencil in her early years.  She did not pick up color until she was a teen, and then quickly turned to acrylics for much of her adolescence.  Alongside a successful science career, Katie pursued her primary passion, her art.  Spending most of her time as a child in the woods of Vermont afforded her a beautiful opportunity to view the wildlife that resided there.  Katie was in constant watch of the animals, plants and weather that made up the rugged landscape.  Her artwork bespoke of her love and detailed representations of these subjects.  Even in these early years, she regularly created artwork on commission.  The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife requested her to develop artwork for their WMA signage for protection of wildlife from domestic dogs.  As an adult, Katie turned primarily to her art as her soul's fullfillment.  She added oil painting in her fourth decade and began changing over to environmentally friendly materials: water mixable oil paints, mediums and cleaners, rescued slab would and eco varnishes for framing,  and bamboo prints of her artwork - even recycled shrink wrap to protect sold paintings.  


     In this time, Katie attended numerous art shows and group exhibits.  In the fall of 2017, after her switch from science to art, Katie's art career blossomed.  She received her first art awards at the VINS Art Festival in 2017, and then received a second and third the following year.  She was also represented in a local newspaper and magazine for two of her paintings in this exhibition.  Katie also commisioned larger pieces throughout this time - for a local restaurant and new house build.  She now actively demos and sells her pieces online, at art shows and at gallery exhibitions.


     Katie's primary focus in 2020 and beyond is to donate part of her art proceeds to wildlife conservation.  She believes in raising awareness to the plight of specific species in need, as well as the dwindling biodiversity, in general and hopes to contribute to creating a better future for both through her art.


Support for Conservation: 

     My volunteer and conservation efforts and affiliations have occured during the start of my career.  However, now I want my talents as an artist to directly benefit wildlife conservation and I do not want to be delayed any longer in this ambition.  I dedicated my career to wildlife - first by attaining my B.S. in Environmental Science, with an emphasis on wildlife biology.  During this time, I had an internship through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the heart of Concord, New Hampshire's pine barrens, working along with the Nature Conservancy to conduct butterfly surveys, plant and cultivate butterfly food species, and maintain trails.  I supervised volunteer crews and monitored public use on the refuge and created refuge fact sheets, proposals and press releases on the endangered karner blue butterfly. There was unrelated ancillary work as well, such as processing eagle eggs for determination of DDT content.  


     At that time, I volunteered for the National Audubon Society at Borestone Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in Maine, where I continued a long-term ecological project sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute.  I participated as a team leader for Unity College students and the Girl Scouts.  My tasks included identification of tree species and recording their health and dimensions for future growth rate studies.


     During my two years working as a wildlife technician for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, I performed various tasks, from carcass and skull processing laboratory activities, to mast, bird and herp surveys, to constructing osprey platforms and designing the artwork for state park signage.  I conducted Act 250 permit reviews, including environmental impact statements and performed site visits, painted and mapped state land Wildlife Managment Areas, and documented catamount reports.  One of my main projects was to make and install beaver baffles throughout Vermont.  After speaking with the Fish and Wildlife Department this year, the baffles are still being used, with slight changes in my design.


     While having my family, I worked as a microbiology analyst, where I conducted specialized assays in standard techniques, writing and executing assay and process validation protocols and summary reports, and summarizing trending data for the development of a bone growth protein.  In the role of research associate for a local biofuel company, I grew to be the primary person for the directed evolution of yeast for the production of ethanol.  This was a small awakening, in that, I finally felt like I was contributing to a global problem - the replacement of fossil fuels.  However, I also felt as though my contributions were a drop in a very large bucket.


     Now that I am working full time as an artist, I am working towards my first solo exhibition, one entirely of wildlife and the natural habitats that sustain them, with a focus on Vermont species.  I plan to donate a portion of my artwork to wildlife conservation.  In the future, I envision donating my artwork proceeds for the betterment of endangered species worldwide, through online sales, direct show and exhibition sales, and any other opportunities that arise.


Special Achievements: 


People’s Choice Award VINS Art Festival, Quechee, VT 2017 and 2018

Best Riparian Award VINS Art Festival, Quechee, VT 2018


Represented in the Valley News for two of her paintings in the 2017 VINS Festival exhibition



The Vermont Experience Mural — Drewski’s on the River, West Bridgewater, VT

Designed and painted a four wall mural for a local restaurant


The Chaotic Kitchen Mural — Drewski’s on the River, West Bridgewater, VT

Designed and painted a four wall mural for a local restaurant


Life’s Changing Path  Mural — Private Homeowner, Tunbridge, VT

Designed and painted an 11’ x 17’ wall mural for a new house build