The Artist

"I am an Alaskan Artist painting & protecting wildlife from Alaska to Africa.  I love to paint Art with a Heart and donate a portion of every painting to help protect the animals I love. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Welcome!  I am a professional wildlife artist who has been fortunate to live in Alaska for 30 years!  I often describe the body of my work by saying, "I paint the wildlife from Alaska to Africa."   I am particularly passionate about painting Alaska grizzly bears and usually produce a couple of large bear paintings every year.   I am also an avid conservationist and work with a number of wildlife organizations.  I have traveled to Africa with conservation projects and fell in love with the amazing African wildlife.   In addition to  Africa, I travel throughout the world with my amazing husband and budding wildlife photographer Martin Hanofee in search of wildlife.  Recently we have relocated to Virginia, and I am fascinated by the amazing birds of the east coast, they are so different from Alaska!  Watch for new bird art in the near future!  I am proud to be a Signature member of Artists for Conservation - let's make some Art With A Heart!

Recent Artwork