"As an environmental scientist, Lyn strives to teach her children land stewardship ethics. Recycling, composting, gardening, reducing carbon footprint and encouraging ecological conservation are but a few practices they follow. "

Lyn has a Biological Sciences Diploma and has worked in the Alberta Environmental sector for over 20 years. Currently she works as a Senior Environmental Technologist for an environmental consulting company specializing in Environmental Site Assessments, Reclamation and Remediation of Oil and Gas Industry well sites.

Lyn also worked as a "Project Wise" instructor, visiting elementary schools to educate young children on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species (CITES). As a volunteer with the Fish and Wildlife department, she had access to many resources including flora and fauna specimens that had been seized by authorities for illegal transportation and possession.

For 3 years Lyn volunteered at Elk Island National Park with the Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction Program. Through this program she gathered radio telemetry data on collared White-Tailed Deer to study their habitat changes during the rutting season. During her time at Elk Island, Lyn also assisted with bison and elk handling, tagging, inoculating and preparing them for transport to larger National Parks. Lyn was also a part of a beaver and ungulate study which focused on determining the effects of intra and interspecific browsing competition.