"One of my favorite quotes:  “Every species, including humans, depends on a suite of other species to keep the world habitable for it, and each of those species depends in turn on an overlapping but somewhat different suite of species to keep their niche livable for them.”  Roger Payne, biologist and environmentalist "

I’ve been a member of many conservation and humane organizations including the Sierra Club, Bat Conservation Intl, Nature Conservancy, Center for Biological Diversity, Snow Leopard Trust, American Humane, etc. for decades.

Right out of college I volunteered in field research to study the Philippine eagle in the forests of Mindanao.  During my years as a zookeeper, I was involved in the captive breeding of endangered species and several projects studying local threatened wildlife.  I worked and volunteered in the rehabilitation and eventual release of injured and orphaned desert and northwest wildlife.   For 11 years I volunteered as the keeper of the International Caracal Studbook which is a data base of all caracals in captivity and makes breeding recommendations for the threatened subspecies.