I love animals and have been drawing them since I was a child. I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, in preparation for a career working with animals. I then worked as an animal keeper in zoos, wildlife sanctuaries or shelters for over 40 years, doing art in my free time. 

Originally I worked in acrylics, pencil, and pen & ink but in the early 80's I saw the wonderful art of Mel Dobson and was inspired to try scratchboard. I found my niche and eventually began to exhibit my work in professional art shows. 

Although I've been fortunate enough to travel and observe many species in the wild, most of the animals I draw are individuals I have worked with in captive situations. 

With my art I portray each animal's personality in addition to the strength, grace, and innocence they share with their wild cousins. I hope my art shows my love and respect for animals and the natural world and encourages others to feel the same way toward the non-humans of this planet.