"Animals of the world have long inhabited the depths of the human imagination no less than they have occupied the natural habitats of our shared planet.  There isn't a human society on Earth, however primitive or high-tech, that doesn't concern itself with animal imagery, whether the critters are domesticated or free-living. - David P Barash "

Schooled in plant and animal biology at Laurentian University, I have been  involved in numerous research studies which examined the effects of human activity and local mining operations on the environment by comparing heavy metal contamination of sediments in local lakes and how damaged lake ecosystems affect aquatic invertebrate populations and diversity.  I also assisted "Project Peregrine Sudbury" which aimed at re-introducing the endangered falcon to the Sudbury basin area and help establish a local breeding population. Some of the organisations I support include The Candian Peregrine Foundation, The Canadian Wildlife Federation, Wild at Heart Refuge Centre and Kisma Wildlife Preserve.