"“Painting for me is an expression of awe and gratitude, often rewarded with understanding. Light on the Natural Environment encourages a never-ending quest to observe nature more intimately. Using traditional Art Elements and employing the relationships between abstraction and realism, engages imaginations. Viewers own interpretations provoke an illusive and more personal quality of realism, maybe a memory, or ideally even inspiration to reconsider priorities. Human interference with Natures original plan is sadly questionable at best. It will be important to have preserved it, fully stocked. Every single little link will be significant when we collectively realize the care and respect Earth requires in order to provide us this beautiful place to live. The

I am committed to the education and enlightenment of the general public to the inmportance of preserving and apreciating the evironment that they live in. Supporting various organizations, like AFC and school programs. 

Conservation Projects & Causes

The Giraffe Project

To initiate awareness of individual species of giraffes inspiring some interest in saving this amazing animal