The Artist

"That the word art is right in the middle of eARTh is a stratagem for thought, to instigate Peace. "

Brought up to see color optically cultivated a personal fascination for transparent color. Attracted by the elegant atmospheric effects enhanced by light bouncing through color from the white surface, transparent watercolors unique impact of its own became my primary medium for over 30 years. Oil has it’s own dynamic in representing qualities of light. It’s opaque and tactile character can also be transparent, here the two behaviors can interact gracefully. Regardless of which medium emerges as the most appropriate for a painting, light on the Natural Environment, Atmosphere, Water, Wildlife and a sense of presents encourage a never-ending attempt to observe nature more intimately. Figures not excluded, humans are part of it and must participate. Painting nature’s beauty is an expression of awe and gratitude, often rewarded with understanding. That the word art is right in the middle of eARTh is a stratagem for thought, to instigate Peace. 
Always seeking a unique approach and or viewpoint, while respecting accuracy enough to be representational of intent. Light qualities, colors, shapes, and pigment character, are used to reveal elegant forms, textures, emotions and often behavior. It is NO “happy accident” to arrange the relationships of color or instigate randomisity. Captivating viewers using traditional Art Elements and employing the relationships between abstraction and realism, engages their imagination. The viewers own interpretation is promoted, provoking an illusive and more personal quality of realism. Not how much information is on a surface but how much reaction evoked from that surface is important to me. More than just the admiration of a painting but an experience, or a remembered moment, distracting viewers from the consuming influence of civilization, even if only for a moment. Sharing an interest in preserving our Planet, however inconvenient. Be “there”, go somewhere, think about something, a memory, or ideally, revaluate priorities. 
Human interference with Natures original plan is sadly questionable at best. It will be important to have preserved it, fully stocked. Every single little link will be significant when we collectively realize the Earth requires care and respect in order to provide us this beautiful place to live. The more painting teaches me, the more evident this becomes.”

Recent Artwork