Judy Studwell’s subtle style creates a personal connection between her subject and her audience. Many people believe the eyes are the windows to the soul. When you look into the eyes of the animals she paints you feel this capturing of the moment in time when you believe you can experience the animal’s thoughts and feelings. This invites you to think about the subject’s life and gain a deeper appreciation of the animal.
Having been involved in many artistic endeavors it was her passion for photography that fueled her interest in expanding her efforts in art. A trip to Africa in 2013 inspired her to share this amazing experience.
Living in the shadow of the Tucson Mountains she is passionate about preserving the desert she calls home. A graduate of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute Judy’s focus has been primarily on inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert region.
Whether the subject is the majestic African wildlife or the unique grandeur of the Sonoran Desert and its much different wildlife inhabitants Judy strives to personalize the story of the individual animals. She endeavors to inspire the audience to make a personal connection with nature.

Support for Conservation: 

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Artists For Conservation
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation