"Through the organization of bird watching activities and bird painting art, improve the awareness of people's Beach conservation and protect migratory waterfowls and their habitats. "

We are committed to the biodiversity protection along the coast of Jiangsu Province and the protection of spoon billed snipe and other waterfowl on the Yellow Sea Beach, which is the most important gathering place for migrating waterfowl on the East Asia Australasia migration route. We have conducted 74 month (to 2016) regular surveys of waterfowls, conducted a series of bird watching and natural observation activities, introduced people to the unique marine culture, and improved the protection awareness of local communities (including schools, fishermen's unions and companies).

Conservation Projects & Causes

Yellow Sea wetland and birds

The survival of the Yellow Sea beach and migratory birds is threatened for a long timeļ¼Œso we must take action to protect them