"The Winds of Change" - Bird 2

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"The Winds of Change" - Bird 2

Bronze Sculpture
23.00" H x 34.00" W x 29.50" D
Sculpture (Individual bird in bronze)
Year Completed:
Sandhill Crane
Original for Sale:
Available as Ltd Edition:
Artist will donate 5% to International Crane Foundation from sale of this work.
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Price: $24,500 USD

Sandhill Crane (one of two cranes from original sculpture, "The Winds of Change") that were awarded the Artists For Conservation Foundation's "Award of Excellence: at the 2013 International Exhibit of Nature in Art.

Sandhill cranes from the sculpture "The Winds of Change" are available separately or as a pair.

The pair of sandhill cranes originally was commissioned for an Indiana State Fish and Wildlife Area Visitor Center monument, and I was proud to have been commissioned to be part of this project.

ThisĀ  particular Fish and Wildlife Area returned what was once converted marginal agricultural land back to prime wetland habitat. The results have been phenomenal - now hosting thousands of migrating sandhill cranes, as well as endangered whooping cranes, American white pelicans, Canada geese, plus a myriad of other waterfowl and shorebird species. The title, 'The Winds of Change', was so appropriate for the changes going on in this fertile marshland!

*Dimensions listed are approximate (bird is approximately 2/3 lifesize). Originally part of a monument with an Indiana Limestone base, a base of Indiana Limestone or bronze is available separately, and can be designed for your specific site.

(5% of AFC sale will be donated to the conservation efforts of the International Crane Foundation.)

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Bronze Ltd. Edition- "The Winds of Change" (Sandhill Crane 2) | Sculpture Edition (Numbered) 15 23.00" H x 34.00" W x 29.50" D $24,500.00 USD

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