Space Invasion (Mottled Acid Patina)

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Space Invasion (Mottled Acid Patina)

Bronze Sculpture
3.50" H x 10.00" W x 6.00" D
Sculpture (- Bronze)
Year Completed:
Prairie Rattlesnake
Original for Sale:
Available as Ltd Edition:
Artist will donate 5% to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum from sale of this work.
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Price: $2,100 USD

Commissioned work frequently gives me opportunity to study creatures often much maligned. Rattlesnakes fill a 3.5 MILLION year old niche in nature, keeping rodent populations in check. They, in turn, are food for hawks, eagles, ravens, roadrunners, kingsnakes, bullsnakes, badgers, coyotes, bobcats, alligators and bullfrogs!  However, humans are their greatest threat. Mostly nocturnal creatures, they are reluctant to be active below 40° or above 94°, during windy periods or full moonlight. On days when temperatures reach over 70°, you may see them sunning on rocks in the mid-afternoon. They live most of their secretive lives in cool dark rodent burrows and deep rock crevices.  

Snakes have 150-430+ vertebrae (we humans have only 33!), each vertebra supports a pair of ribs with up to 24 muscles attached.  This creates amazing flexibility- for the snake AND the artist!  And, while a snake can retract its body, turn and fold practically in half, it cannot crawl backwards to get away from danger.  Always allow them an escape route!

(This sculpture shown in different patina than coloration selected for permanent collections of The Wildlife Experience Museum, Parker, Colorado (Now UC Denver South), and Na ‘Āina Kai Sculpture/Botanical Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii.)

(With rock base, $2300.00)

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Bronze Ltd. Edition- "Space Invasion" | Sculpture Edition (Numbered) 20 3.50" H x 10.00" W x 6.00" D $2,100.00 USD

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