Off to a Good Start (Family of 4)

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Off to a Good Start (Family of 4)

Bronze Sculpture
36.00" H x 36.00" W x 36.00" D
Sculpture (- Bronze)
Year Completed:
American Bald Eagle family
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Price: $53,000 USD

With its beautiful white head, sharp intense yellow eyes and bill, striking white tail, and a 72”-96” wingspan, the American Bald Eagle is an amazing sight.  Bald eagles can live up to 40 years in the wild.  (Note- Chicks are born with almost white down, which soon changes over to a darker gray.  When the first true feathers appear, they will soon be as dark as their parents’ body color!  Immature bald eagles are often mistaken for golden eagles because of their dark plumage.  The mature plumage of completely white head and tail that we typically think of, are not achieved until the eagle reaches 5 years old.)

This family of 4 American Bald Eagles was quite a challenge.  One bird had open wings, one was in feeding position, and the two eaglets were of differing sizes, activities, and coloration.  The same held true for the two large Rainbow Trout.  (For more information about Bald Eagles, see descriptions for the individual family members.)

Completed 2018, first casting of this bronze sculpture family of 4 went to Na ‘Āina Kai Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park on Kauai, Hawaii, commissioned by them to be part of their new Alaska-scape exhibit. 

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Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Bronze Ltd. Edition- "Off to a Good Start" (Family of 4) | Sculpture Edition (Numbered) 25 36.00" H x 36.00" W x 36.00" D $53,000.00 USD

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