I was born in London England in 1953. Throughout childhood I was exceptionally gifted in art. My talent was recognized and encourage by teacher, now world -renowned wildlife artist and environmentalist Robert Bateman. I have live in the Ottawa Valley  in the Ontario woods near Algonquin Park for more than 45 years close to nature. I have been a professional artist mainly self taught for 20 years . I paint on site in oils and paint large acrylic canvas's in the studio I have always thought it was my destiny to be an artist and continue to live my life as an advocate for nature. 

Support for Conservation: 

Having Robert Bateman as my high school art teacher certainly left an impression. His talks on the Disappearing World got me thinking about our natural world in my formative years! As a result  for 50 years I have lived close to the earth.I became part of the back to the land movement in the mid 70's I began composting kitchen waste for the garden  that fed our family..... Back when it wasn't trendy! I separated the paper from plastic, before the dumps did . And when I camp in my favorite Algonquin Park  I  clean up campsites and pack out other peoples garbage that is left behind. I pick up discarded coke cans a and bottles along the back roads.My thought on this is that we can all do our small part in helping in keeping our planet pristine in our daily lives! 

Special Achievements: 

2014 Wild Women, Painters of the Wilderness, Hard Cover Book Published by Inanna Publishers, Toronto