Soul of the Wolf - Wolf Eye

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Soul of the Wolf - Wolf Eye

18.00cm H x 18.00cm W
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Close up drawing of a Wolf's Eye
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Beautiful, deep and full of mystery.  To look into the eye of a wolf feels as though the wolf is looking into your soul.  Wolves are powerful, intelligent, social, family-oriented, loyal creatures.  I thoroughly enjoyed portraying the eye of this lovely wolf.

I have actively supported wildlife conservation groups for the past 40 years, and since becoming a Wildlife Artist, have always dreamed of illustrating a book for a conservation society.  In 2006, I was delighted to be invited to illustrate two books on Wolf Conservation written by Marco Musiani.  My 'Wolf Eye' drawing was produced for the book, 'A New Era for Wolves and People' and thanks to photographer, Chris Senior, for very kindly providing this photograph as reference for my artwork.

Thanks also to Denise Taylor, John Denness and Tia, from the UK Wolf Conservation Trust for giving me the opportunity to walk with and study wolves for this project. Portraying our noble wolves was a very special experience.

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Wolf Eye | Open Edition (signed) Open 29.00cm H x 21.00cm W $43.00 USD

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