Hooded Vulture

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Hooded Vulture

8.00" H x 8.00" W
Year Completed:
Hooded Vulture, scavengers and carrion-eaters. Old world vulture
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I chose to portray a vulture as they are magnificent birds and, as a species, totally misunderstood. Vultures numbers are declining at such an alarming rate that certain species are now classed as endangered. It is for this reason I decided to portray a vulture for the 'Silent Skies' project.  My artwork is being donated and will be auctioned to help raise awareness and funds to help all our endangered bird species. 

Vultures have been demonised throughout time; not only are they are persecuted just for being vultures; they are also electrocuted when they hit high voltage lines across the worlds steep valleys and canyons.  Vultures are also dying due to lead poisoning, because they eat the carcasses of animals that have been shot by hunters, which are then left to rot.  Drugs such as diclofenac/antibiotics/chemicals can be purchased over the counter in large quantities across Asia and Africa, and farmers are over-medicating their cattle freely and regularly.  When the cattle die, the chemically-contaminated carcasses are just dumped.  The vultures then do as they have for 1,000's of years; they clean-up the carcasses for us, and as a consequence, then proceed to die a slow, painful death from ingesting the chemicals. Vulture eggs and their chicks also fail due to the chemical poisoning. 

Vultures are such characterful, and important birds, and without them we are in serious trouble.  It is for all the above reasons I wished to portray my Hooded Vulture. If you can spare a minute please do sign this petition. http://www.banvetdiclofenac.com/en/act/

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