Common Frog

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Common Frog

15.00cm H x 29.00cm W
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Amphibian Study
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The Common Frog can be found throughout Britain and Ireland. It was a lovely challenge to try and capture the light and portray the detailed markings on my frog's smooth skin, face and long powerful legs. These amphibians are truly handsome critters.

Frogs favour damp habitats and breed in ponds, puddles and lakes.  During the winter they will hibernate in the mud and vegetation in a pond, or on land: under rocks, logs, or in compost heaps.  During early spring, they emerge en-masse, and head to their favourite pond or water source to feed and breed.  They tend to be most active at night, and our garden is often very busy at this time of year with frogs and toads going about their affairs, and proclaiming their presence from our pond.

Sadly this is also when many frogs lose their lives: as they attempt to cross busy main roads to get to their ancient breeding grounds. In times gone-by these routes would have been old rough tracks and fields and relatively safe for amphibians travelling to and fro. 

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