Hedgehog Rescue

Wildlife Care
A busy afternoon organising the rescue of a hedgehog. Received a message saying that it was in a garden, 10 miles away, making strange noises and walking around in circles. The person that had found it, put in a bucket last night and released it again this morning. Thankfully when they phoned me it was still in their garden. Sadly, it appears the poor little thing was only 4 weeks old and had been caught by a strimmer and part of its nose had been removed. Hedgehog casualities are seldom due to predation, and more often than not due to total lack of thought and care from humans, and the total lack of responsibility re: their dogs. Hedgehog numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate because of this. The little hedgehog is now with a specialist carer. I am going to be caring for an orphaned hedghog over the winter months. A local Wildlife Rescue centre have reported that they now have 200 in their care.
Sunday, 30 September, 2018

Wildlife Rescue