Since the beginning of May I have been busy with Brown long-eared and Pipistrelle bats.  Sadly in April/May when our bats were coming out of hibernation, the temperature each night was well below freezing.  Normally, emerging bats feed up on insects in preparation for their maternity roosts.  The continual freezing night-time temps. meant there were no insects - hence across the UK, our furry flying buddies have been found grounded, underweight, starving or injured (mainly cat attacked). So it's been a busy, and unfortunately, as some bats didn't make it, a sad time, but great to be able to also release fully-fed and rehabilitated bats back to the wild.

And on that note, thankfully over the past two weeks, the weather has improved and there are more insects about which is great for all our wildlife. At present, I am now caring for a bat pup, that has been orphaned. So it is all go.. but lovely to be picking up a paintbrush in between the caring and I look forward to uploading photos of my conservation and artwork soon.