The Artist

"I have been working as a self-taught professional Wildlife Artist since 1989 and have also been a keen naturalist and conservationist for 40+ years. Whilst combining my love of 'Wildlife and Art', I also support Wildlife Conservation Societies through my artwork. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

As a child, I watched in fascination the animals, insects and birds around me. I adored wildlife and also thoroughly enjoyed drawing. During my teens I became a keen conservationist and throughout the following years, my love of art and concern for our fellow creatures has been unceasing.

During 1989, I began working from my Larmer Tree Studio, as a self-taught, professional Wildlife Artist. I have been a keen naturalist and conservationist for many years. Initially my support was through voluntary work and donations, but since becoming a professional wildlife artist it has been a joy to combine my love of 'Wildlife and Art', and also support Wildlife Conservation Societies through my artwork.  I have been rescuing animals and birds since childhood and am still actively involved in conservation work on a voluntary basis. In 2020 i moved my Larmer Studio, to the lovely surroundings of Cranborne Chase, where I continue to paint, draw and rescue our precious injured and orphaned wildlife. 

My artwork very much reflects my love of nature and using a variety of media, my natural history paintings and illustrations are often highly-detailed. This, with my other interests: the study of natural history, photography, voluntary wildlife rescue; is integral to my work. Along with studying behavioural patterns of individual species; I’m also intrigued by the myriad colours and patterns within nature. I've also always been fascinated by textures, shadows, movement and reflected light.

With each artwork, I wish to capture the essence of my subject and convey to the viewer: the beauty, intricacy and deep connection we have with our fellow creatures and our natural world.


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