"We can no longer be blind.  We cannot simply “not notice”.  Part of the role of art in our lives is to wake us up, be it through beauty, or discomfort.  We must become true stewards of our world, or the beautiful, complex world as we know it will disappear.   "

I am working on a group of seven cast glass conservation sea turtles.  The first of the group titled - "You're Killing Me -" is included in my artwork images.  These pieces will be included in a two woman show with Alison Sigethy, a glass artist in the DC area, who specializes in conservation coral reef artwork.  Location and dates pending.  Currently I am house/studio hunting in Florida so that I can be more active in the state nesting programs. Through a recent sea turtle conservation meeting for the southeastern states, I now have contacts to observe, and volunteer in a sea turtle hospital.  I have a committment to giving presentations on sea turtle conservation highlighting marine debris, and the actions and activities one can participate in to clean up our beaches and our ocean.

Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Conservation Artwork for the Benefit of Education  - If you Talk the Talk then You Walk the Walk - For the Love of Sea Turtles | Kathleen Sheard

Conservation Artwork for the Benefit of Education

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