The art of Robert Schlenker reflects his lifelong infatuation with wild places.

     Robert was born in south central North Dakota, in the heart of the prairie pothole region of the United States. This area is blanketed with lakes and sloughs set among the rolling hills of the prairie. There, more waterfowl are reared than in any other area of the country. Growing up in this environment played a significant role in developing his appreciation of nature and conservation values.

     Over the years as Robert was developing his artistic skills, he soon focused on landscape and wildlife art. He moved to Montana more than 40 years ago and revels living in an area so rich with reference material for his drawings and paintings. As an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, snowshoe, and canoe Robert finds his artistic senses stimulated with images and ideas for new compositions.

     Robert is a full time painter who is very dedicated to his work and to conservation efforts that are needed in today's world.

Support for Conservation: 

Ever expanding human population continues to encroach into areas that were once prime wildlife habitat. As a wildlife artist I feel there are many ways I can help. Through my commitment to natural resource conservation and with the passion of my art, I hope to encourage others to support wildlife habitat conservation.