Not Today

Not Today | Wallhanging by Len Rusin | Artists for Conservation

Not Today

17.00" H x 36.00" W
Oil (Oil on Board)
Tiger and Indian Rhinoceros
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A Bengal Tiger surprises a Indian Rhinoceros and her calf as they were grazing on the edge of a watery swamp. The tigers original object of his attack was the calf but Mom Rhino blocks his path to her offspring. My inspiration and references came from the Buffalo Zoo which has successful Indian Rhinoceros program going. They have two births of this rare species in the last couple of years. I happen to be there after a rainy morning where the pair was running through the wet and muddy area within their large pen. They seem to be enjoying themselves as they splashed through the muddy area going back and forth. The tiger reference came from a Pacific Northwest Zoo were they were playfully chasing each other within their large enclosure.

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