The Artist

"I primarily paint the wildlife and landscape of the British Isles using oils. Following relocation in 2001 many of my works depict the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Most recently I've created a series of major paintings depicting wildlife subjects from North America. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Since childhood I've been an enthusiast of the natural world. I aim to create an authoritative and at the same time artistic rendition of my subjects. Drawn to compositional ideas that incorporate dramatic weather conditions or lighting effects I strive to capture wildlife encounters made all the more "magical" by the elements.

From the thrill of my wildlife encounters flow my inspirations. I spend considerable time observing the animals. I believe that an in-depth knowledge of my subjects is paramount and utilise every means I can think of to understand my subjects more fully.

A substantial proportion of the time spent on a painting may be devoted to the preparatory compositional drawings. I create a large drawing, the elements of which are all on separate pieces of paper. I then move around or replace sketches with alternatives, exploring many options until I realise the one that I consider to be the most promising.

Recent Artwork