Jess Hansen believes that all emotions can be expressed through the creatures of this earth, and her art captures the souls of the animals she depicts. Jess graduated from the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis, MN in April 2011. 

Since then she has won a number of awards for her wildlife art in pastel, ink, oil painting, and digital artwork.  This
includes a second place and number of other awards in the professional Division at the Utah State Fair, Juror’s choice award at the 2011 Utah Hogle Zoo World of the Wild Art Show in Salt Lake City, second place in the 2010 Art Instruction School Annual Art Competition, third place in 2017 Art Instruction School Annual Art Competition, and Best of Show for one of her digital pieces at the 2017 Anime Banzai.  Her work was published in the 2010 and 2017 in the Illustrator magazine.  She continues to broaden her artistic talents in several different mediums to further express imaginative animal souls.

Support for Conservation: 

Currently I am working on series of endangerd animal portraits.  The series will be called Don't Let Me Vanish.

I am very interested specifically in the endangered wild cat programs such as Snow Leopard Trust and CCF cheetah organizations. I have done many paintings expressing these wild cats and support the conservation for these animals.

I have supported the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program by adopting and caring for a wild mustang. 

I support Zoo programs and donated a painting which was auctioned and all the proceeds were donated to the Hogle Zoo.



Special Achievements: 

2017 Third place award Art Instruction School Annual Art Competition/published in Illustrator Magazine

2011 Juror's Choice award from Utah's Hogle Zoo

2010 Second Place award Art Instruction School Annual Art Competition/published in Illustrator Magazine

I have sold some of my work internationally to places like England, Spain, etc.

To me, some of the most important special achivements I do are the work I do with animals themselves.  An example of this training is a wild mustang I adopted from the BLM.  I have also taken in and rehabilitated abused and neglected horses and saved abandoned cats.