The Artist

"Through unique mediums such as India ink, pastel, digital, and oil I paint to capture the souls of animals. So many animals are forgotten and lost without people even knowing anything about them. My mission is to communicate the importance of animals to our world through art. By doing this I work to capture imaginative animal souls and emotions. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Interacting with animals has been my life ever since I was born. I have worked with all sorts of animals from reptiles to mammals, loving every moment of it.  After helping abused and abandoned animals I've seen many people don't realize how much emotion and beauty animals have.  I have made it my mission as an artist to be a animal communicator through my artwork.  To allow people to see what they might not notice or ever see in person, the souls of animals.  

Currently I am doing a collaberation with another artist of a three panel painting called, "Growing Up".  It is a series of paintings showing the growth of a feral kitten I took in to adulthood. I have been doing a series of wild cat paintings featuring big cats such as tigers and some smaller cats like a pallas cat. 

I am also starting a series titled, "Don't Let Me Vanish" that features endangered animals. 

Recent Artwork