""My commitment to bringing awareness to conservation organizations is a motivating factor to why I am a wildlife artist. It is our responsibility to ensure that future generations will enjoy the majesty of nature and ALL creatures that live in it." "

My passion has always been wildlife. As a muralist and wildlife artist, I'm on a quest to merge my experience painting wildlife and large scale murals. Thus, Experience The Wild is launched as of 2018. My goal is to unite Conservation Organizations through public art featuring threatened and endangered species. Every mural is a donation to each city. Join me in my search for large buildings in cities that would like to participate! Contact me at:  

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Experience The Wild Mural Tour

Experience The Wild Tour is a a non-profit art project depecting a series of mural paintings on large commercial buildings in metropolitan cities in the US and abroad. It is designed to unite conservation organizations, small businesses, large corporations, zoos, museums, universities, outdoorsmen and students in a joint effort to educate and bring awareness to the public about art, conservation and nature. These murals will be a daily visual reminder on the majesty and importance of the animal kingdom. EVERY mural is a community donation to each participating city!

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