Jerry Ragg is a life-long artist. Growing up in Minnesota and visiting art galleries with his mom when he was young, he was inspired by wildlife art. After completing his first oil painting of a buck in the grass at age 7, his natural artistic ability was discovered.

Being a self-taught artist, he’s spent his life studying, photographing nature and in the field gathering research. “Every time I pick up a paint brush, I grow. I feel as an artist you never stop growing.” 

“Nature is naturally inspiring. It is medicine for the soul. Nature is part of each of us whether we embrace it or not. As a wildlife artist, my goal is to touch a part of the soul that only nature can achieve. Something real, something organic and something that touches the heart.”

During the last 30 years, he’s sustained a career as a mural artist ( This career has influenced his wildlife art and he is combining his years of experience with large scale murals and his wildlife art paintings. Some of his originals are life size.
What Jerry hopes to portray to the viewer is the dramatic, majestic and powerful impact he feels when he is inspired to paint a certain subject.

Jerry Ragg Wildlife Art –

“Experience The Wild”