Painting Workshop with Youth Crew

Friday, August 10 - I did my first workshop today with a fantastic small group of young adults.  This crew worked and learned within the park for the past four weeks.  We painted for a few hours before the crew departed for pizza and a closing ceremony of their time in the park.  I really enjoyed my time with these young adults and thought with our youth taking their time to educate themselves and care for our natural resoures we are in good hands.

I decide to hike in the afternoon after making attempts to purchase a fishing license in the park.  I held off on the license and will attempt to purchase online instead.  My hike would be to Rock Spring.  A short 2 miles at most.  There is a cabin set along the trail that is a bonus to see.  I was not far into the hike and came across one of the biggest bear sows with one cub that I saw and one that I heard but did not get a chance to see.  At that point I decided to hike that trail another day.  My bear count is up to 23, seeing 5 of them today.  

I'll post images of the painting we worked on soon.  I did a small example for the students to see and then did a larger one during the workshop for ease of seeing the demonstration.