My last days in Shenandoah National Park

Leading into my last week in the park, I encountered some rainy weather.  I was either trapped in my room, attempting to spend my sentence creating art and hoping the weather changes for the better.  I managed to get in a few short hikes at a time figuring is I only went between 2 - 4 miles at a time and got caught in the rain, it wouldn't be too difficult to get back to my car.  I drove north to the Dickey Visitor's Center and stopped at Elkwollow for a sandwich.  There was considerable road construction on that particular stretch of Skyline Drive.  My initial encounter with the rattle snake allowed me to slow my step, look more intently, and notice more....not a bad learning curve.  Ileft the park at 4:30 am on Friday, August 24.  I drove to friends in Martinsville, IN about a 10 hour trek.  I stayed overnight, got up early Saturday, August 25 and drove the remainder for the approximately 9 - 10 hours home to Townsend, WI.  It is always a good feeling sleeping in your own bed and this time was no exception.  The beauty of Shenandoah will stay with me for the rest of my life.  I am sure to make a trip back at some point to continue to hike some trails that I did not get the chance to.  As I look through the many photographs that I took while in the park, I remember the peace and serenity my hikes brought me.  I also look at my photographs and see the potential for many news works of art.  The day after getting home I started teaching at Nicolet College - so it was back to reality.  It was great being gone and doing my thing but it is also great to be back home around family and friends.