More Adventures

Wednesday, August 8 - Continued....My hikes for the day took me almost 10 miles.  I hiked to the Pinnacles and met a man at the top who suggested I hike onto Mary's Rock - it was only 2 more miles.  The man felt the trail was fairly level and an easy hike.  Once I got going I knew I could turn around at any point and head home, but alas, I am not wired that way and I had to see it to the end.  On this day I encountered 4 bear along the trail.  One with a cub and the other two single grown bear.  I got to thinking that I may have only seen 4 bear, but I wonder how many bear saw me?  I find it funny that the hike back always seems shorter than the hike in.  At the end of the trail I was spent for the day.  I went back to my accomodations and showered and probably should have burned my clothes.  Fixed some food and worked on the painting that I will do in a workshop on Friday with a Youth Group within the park.  I'll post images of that experience later.

Thursday, August 9 - I spent in Luray on the computer attempting to get my school work sorted out - its not all fun and games everyday.  Most times reality catches up and sets in and you realize you have other matters to attemd to.

PS - Bear Count - 18