Monday, August 13

Sunday, August 12, gave me a rainy day.  I used the time to go to town and do laundry, toured the local Luray Zoo, and do some sketching.

Monday, August 13 - I was back out on the trails.  I hiked the Lewis Springs Loop which was 3 miles.  It was amazing to hear water rushing underground in some places as I walked the trail.  To my delight I ran into Tom, a gentle, older man, walking the trail, and we ended up doing the hike together.  It was refreshing to have some one to chat with.  We were unable to find the path (which is not recommended due to hazards and difficulty) to get to the base of Lewis Falls, but what we were able to see was beautiful.  We came across two deer taking their time eating and walking through the woods, not seeming to notice us, but we were cautious, polite, and quiet as we watched the deer pass by grazing and seeming to not care of our presence.  On our departure from the loop hike we discovered that we could have driven our cars to a parking lot and hiked in only .7 miles to experience the falls.  We both agreed we were glad we did it our way instead.  

After my hike I purchased a 5 day fishing license.  I grabbed my gear and off to Rose River Fire Road which would lead me down to the bottome of Dark Hollow Falls and a series of cascading water flows for another mile or so.  In each quiet pool of water I casted my fly into I immediately got a small, quick hit.  Never actually catching anything I was still happy that I dusted my fly rod off and was making the attempt to fish.  No sooner than I had gotten started, thunder crashed above and the sky opened up and poured rain down.  The cover I was under was helpful as I got my rain poncho out and covered my camera gear up.  I thought I might try to wait the storm out but realized I was the only person around and that my ideas are not always the best.  I started the mile walk up and out on the Rose River Fire Road - the walking is actually pretty easy in and out.  The rain let up a bit but by this time I was wet and cold and decided to call it a day.

I realized that Monday during my hike and time in the woods was the first time I had not seen a bear and lucky for me I did not see a rattlesnake or a copperhead either!