A Day of Fishing

Wednesday, August 15 - I packed up gear for the day and headed off to the Fischer Gap parking area.  Crossing Skyline Drive I walked down the Rose River Fire Road to the base of the Dark Hollow Falls area.  I then went down the Rose River Trail in search of quiet pools of cold water where I felt a trout may be lurking.  Not becessarily trout season, I was still set to trout fish in Virginia.  I donned my 'sexy boots' that I got from my son Matthew for Mother's Day - he always seems to know what I would like and what I would use.  With leggings covering down to my boots I did not fear rambling off trail to get to the quiet pools in case I encountered poison ivy or stinging nettles.  I changed flies along the way and had better luck with the second choice.  Though none of my flies were native of Virginia, I felt I may temp a trout with something different.  I had many nibbles, two substantial hits (that probably didn't amount to anything over 8") and I was able to land 6 miniature trout.  I found the day relaxing and one of the best.  On my hike out of Rose River I came across a blue heron in the same spot it was when I hiked in.  I stopped to take more photos and watched as the heron pulled out a trout bigger than anything I had caught that day.  Definately a better fisherman than myself!