Cedar Run Loop Trail - Thursday, August 16

Thursday, August 16 - I packed for a long day of hiking the Cedar Run Trail Loop.  This trail decents into the Cedar Run Canyon along a series of cascading waters and quiet pools.  I had pondered bringing my fly rod but decided that I did not want to carry anything more than I had to, also wanting my hands free.  I regretted that decision as all along the way I saw deep, cool, quiet pools where I believed lurked a trophy trout.....het a person can dream.  It is better that I did not bring my rod as I probably would still be on the trail checking out the quiet waters.  The trail loop is close to 8 miles and is strenuous.  The description did not lie.  At times I thought to myself, 'What the hell', but taking time to rest, rehydrate, and eat helped me push through.  The icing on the cake was spotting a young bear and a young barred owl on the way out.  All in all a great day.  The humidity was pretty high that day and though I did not take a dip in any of the quiet pools of water, I looked as if I did.  My sweat was sweating!  The gem of hiking this loop is that you get the Cedar Run cascades on your decent and the White Oak Canyon Falls on your acent.  The hard hike pays off in the constant beauty you get to experience.