Nature and art have been part of Kay's life since she was young. Countless hours spent exploring on her uncles' farms and numerous family trips through northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Black Hills, and the Rocky Mountains were the initial inspiration to paint. Several recent visits to the southwest have expanded the list of areas to explore on canvas and paper.

Creating the moods and atmosphere generated by light, texture, and color in a landscape or setting along with birds or animals who are part of it, she aims to invite a viewer into the painting to experience 'being there' too. (Expressing the power of light is always a challenge as it affects everything that is painted.) Her acrylic and watercolor paintings range from detailed images layered with glazes to achieve depth and brilliance to less tightly rendered subjects on more loosely painted backgrounds. "It's similar to my nature," she says. "One painting requires a planned approach while another needs a freer touch to express the idea. An artist must be flexible and willing to experiment yet be disciplined enough to get it right." Other valuable resources for paintings are drawings, sketchbook and fieldnotes, observation,and reference material gathered from many sources . 

A personal style has evolved over the years since she was in school. "The art that was emphasized at the time was abstract and very difficult for me. I have always related to the outdoors and needed to work in that direction. A strong base of the elements of art were taught, but I was an oddball because I wanted to paint nature."

Raised in Minnesota, she married, had two sons, taught high school art, and continued to draw and paint whenever time permitted. She left teaching to pursue painting full time. Nine limited edition prints of her work have been published to date.

She has exhibited work in a group show at the Lower Mill Gallery, Honeoye Falls, New York; the Austin Harvard Gallery, Rochester, New York; a group show at the Lucy Burne Gallery, Rochester, New York; a group show at Nazareth College, Rochester, New York; and the Clothesline Art Show at the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York. She has donated work for charity fundraisers in the Rochester area, the local public television station, and nationally. 

Her paintings, prints, and commissions are included in numerous private collections around the world.

She and her husband are members of and contributors to Defenders of Wildlife, The National Wildlife Federation, The World Wildlife Fund, and Greenpeace. Her signature membership in the Artists for Conservation group is a source of great pride.

Education: Macalester College and a B.S. from SUNY Brockport.

Major Field of Study: Art Education and Studio Art Major .

No commissions


Special Achievements: 

1.  3rd place Award for "Serengeti Sunrise"

2.  3rd place Award for "Solitude"

3.  People's Choice Award for "Gone Fishin'"

4.  People's Choice Award for "Sundown on Wolf Creek"

5.  3rd place Award for "Sundown on Wolf Creek"

9 Limited Editions have been published of her work so far, by Nautilus Design and Cober Press.