Looking Forward

The Fire and Ice Festival on January 18/2020 was a great success despite the blizzard conditions and huge dump of snow. People still came out by the hundreds , but mostly from local areas as it was difficult to come from Toronto, and by the end of the day most roads were impossible so several artists, including myself, ended up sleeping on the floor in their studios. But it was all for a great cause, the Millpond Restoration Project. 

Pretty soon, spring will be coming, and we will have to keep watch for the turtles in our pond. Several crawl up to the road to lay their eggs. A barrier would prevent the many fatalities that happen by accident, and we just need one high enough to prevent the turtles from crawling onto the roadway, but at the moment, we cannot afford it.

I have been painting long hours and have displayed my most recent artwork in the artwork section, and at the moment am involved in an exhibition in Oakville, Ontario.

Hope you have a chance to drop by my studio, and also to walk about and enjoy the Alton Mill pond.