Breanna Podlasly was born in Lillooet, BC in 1994 and is of Cook's Ferry Indian Band descent, from the Village of Spence's Bridge, near Ashcroft, BC.

She was raised in a small community town at the Northern part of Vancouver Island, called Sointula (aka Malcolm Island). It was there that she lived an lifestyle with no internet, radio, cell service, TV or satelite and instead turned her focus to her pencils.
She started art at 7 years old and remembers distinctly taking the ferry with her mother. She watched her as she pulled a book full of blank paper and started to do a sketch of a horse running in the fields! She could not believe her eyes as to how beautiful and calm she looked when she was sketching that picture! She remember telling herself that she wanted to learn how to be just like that!

Growing up she also took to Robert Bateman's style and teachings, as did her mother and grandmother before her. Eager to learn as much as she could, she even went to bring her artwork to show Robert Bateman himself during a meet and greet, and it was there that she was told she should put the pencils to the side and learn about the world of colors!

During her journey to find herself as an artist, she has travelled to many Art Shows all over the Island and sold her pieces all over the world (England, Spain, Canada, America) and even studied in England under master pastelist, Eric Wilson, in 2017.

Doing wildlife art is her way of being connected to the world around her and to learn about the many wildlife species in particular! Many of which, will soon be facing extinction due to poaching and sport hunting.
We need to take care of the planet as it takes care of us. So many will likely never meet so many beautiful animals and she would like for her children and grand children to see the same animals she saw when they were her age.
She wants to be able to teach those around her the skills she learnt and share it with other communities and hopefully spread the love of chalk pastels to others and the respect that many animals deserve.

Breanna works with chalk pastels and pastel pencils on Clairefontaine Pastelmat to create a detailed and realistic finish to her artwork.