"I have been for many years, and am increasingly so every day, very concerned about climate change.  I am alarmed and saddened by the effects of careless human activity on the environment and people of our beautiful planet.  I hope through my paintings of our world and its inhabitants to bring more of an awareness to viewers of the wondrous beauty that is constantly diminishing; of the urgent need to use and consume less, to lessen our personal contributions to the pollution of the environment; to realize the seriousness of our situation and to take whatever personal action is possible to prevent further destruction of our amazing and wonderful planet. "

I have donated artwork and percentages of sales to benefit non-profit environmental and humanitarian organizations for over 25 years.  Current and recent recipients include The Door County (WI) Land Trust, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and Friendship Bridge; I have ongoing periodic support projects with each of these organizations.  Some of my donation recipients are not nature organizations; however, I feel that everything on our planet is connected, and by supporting humanitarian organizations, which help people to survive terrible situations and improve their lives, this will also ultimately benefit the planet and its wildlife.  Other organizations with which I work periodically include Wild Earth Guardians and the American Friends Service Committee.  I held a benefit exhibition at the AFSC headquarters in Pasadena, CA; additional solo art shows benefitting Wild Earth Guardians, The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico, Friendship Bridge, and Medecins Sans Frontieres in Santa Fe, NM and in Door County, WI; I organized a 4-person exhibition in Santa Fe, NM, with 50% of artists' sales proceeds donated to Friendship Bridge, and I produced a line of greeting cards from some of my Guatemala paintings, sold by the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe and elsewhere, to benefit Friendship Bridge, an organization providing microcredit to indigenous women in rural Guatemala so they can improve their small businesses, send their children to school, and learn about family health care.  By improving their lives in this way, they are able to live more successfully and to reduce the harmful impacts on their health and that of their environment so often brought about by extreme poverty. 

Conservation Projects & Causes

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The WILD SALMON CENTER is an organization based in Portland, Oregon, USA, that works to protect wild salmon and their habitats in countries around the Pacific Rim. They establish agreements with governments to set aside Stronghold areas, rivers and ecosystems, which are protected from development so that wild salmon, other wildlife, and ecosystems can survive and thrive.

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Uzbekistan - Medecins Sans Frontieres

In May of 2012, I travelled all over Uzbekistan, in Central Asia, for almost 3 weeks. In the years since my trip, I have held two solo Uzbek painting exhibitions from reference material gathered on my trip, in Door County, Wisconsin (2014) and Santa Fe, New Mexico (2015). From each exhibition, I donated a percentage of proceeds from the sales of my paintings to Medecins Sans Frontieres for their work in Northwestern Uzbekistan. It is my belief that humanitarian and environmental concerns are inextricably linked, for when a people endure severe economic hardship, war, or other natural or...

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Door County Land Trust

Donated paintings for raffles at annual events in 2010 and 2015, with all proceeds benefitting the Door County (WI) Land Trust.

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Wild Earth Guardians

A solo exhibition of pastel paintings, with a portion of the artist's proceeds donated to Wild Earth Guardians.

Also, donation of art lessons and a painting package at the Wild Earth Guardians Gala Fundraisers, various years.

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The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico

Solo exhibition of pastel paintings at San Taos Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. A portion of the artist's proceeds from sales were donated to The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico.