The Artist

"The practice of art is a gift - to the artist and to the viewer/receiver. I paint both for the joy of the act itself, which at its best is the unconscious working of something bigger speaking through me, and with the desire of finding a connection with the viewer, of bonding, of communicating something universal. It is an invitation to stop and be quiet, to notice things we often overlook in our busy lives, to find meaning in the beauty around us that is the real treasure of life on this amazing and wonderful planet.   "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

My journey as a painter is my artistic and spiritual connection to the world around me and to the path we humans are on as we contemplate, enjoy, struggle and influence life on this planet. An increasingly deep concern with climate change has led me to focus in my paintings on the beauty and vitality of the natural environment and its inhabitants, in the hopes of helping to bring added awareness to the part we are playing in all of this and to the interconnectedness of all things. An ongoing interest is painting the indigenous people of foreign lands as they come to terms with these changes while trying to preserve their ancient cultures. 

My desire in creating and offering my paintings is to elicit an emotional response or an understanding from the viewer, no matter what type of experience or artistic knowledge that viewer brings.

Recent Artwork