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Friday, 17 November, 2023
The North Burnaby resident's paintings will be on display near Vancouver's Waterfront this month for the Eastside Culture Crawl. For decades, Corrinne Wolcoski has carved out a path for herself in understanding, what she believes, is true visual imagery. The North Burnaby resident is a professional artist specializing in west coast landscapes, showcasing the beauty of natural untouched wilderness. Soon, art enthusiasts and visitors will be able to admire her life's passion through a series of paintings in high-traffic areas of Vancouver. Wolcoski's paintings are set to be...
“My art shows the beauty of these lands and I hope to bring an awareness to the public about its fragile state and the importance of protecting it for the future,” said Wolcoski. “Each painting illustrates an area in Rivers Inlet where the Nature Conservancy of Canada has enabled a lot of resources to help protect. By visiting, painting and also contributing to its future preservation, As an artist, I want to make a difference and leave the place better than when I found it. I want to share what I see with others.” Corrinne Wolcoskihttps://www....