Burnaby artist's coastal landscapes highlight interactive Vancouver festival

The North Burnaby resident's paintings will be on display near Vancouver's Waterfront this month for the Eastside Culture Crawl. For decades, Corrinne Wolcoski has carved out a path for herself in understanding, what she believes, is true visual imagery. The North Burnaby resident is a professional artist specializing in west coast landscapes, showcasing the beauty of natural untouched wilderness. Soon, art enthusiasts and visitors will be able to admire her life's passion through a series of paintings in high-traffic areas of Vancouver. Wolcoski's paintings are set to be featured in the 27th Eastside Culture Crawl later this month. The annual interactive event is a showcase of visual arts, design and crafts with in-person pop-ups between Columbia Street, 2nd Avenue, Victoria Drive and the Waterfront. Wolcoski is one of nearly 450 artists that'll be highlighted over the four-day festival from the field of painting, jewelry, photography, glass works, sculpture and illustration. In her profile, Wolcoski, who first picked up a paint brush in her early childhood, said her inspiration comes from her travels. "Recently, I began visiting the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s protected lands. I have acquired a stronger sense of how majestic and inspiring these areas are," the Emily Carr 2003 grad explained. "Capturing what I see visually in my paintings gives me the chance to share areas of our country that very few have the chance to visit. These artworks hold images of land that will always remain beautiful, raw and untouched." The Eastside Culture Crawl takes place Nov. 16 to 19.

Burnaby Now Newspaper, Kyle Balzer