Making Ripples - River Otter

Making Ripples - River Otter | Wallhanging by Johanna Lerwick | Artists for Conservation

Making Ripples - River Otter

8.75" H x 20.00" W
River Otter
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$1,600 USD

Includes a Custom Made Hardwood 1 ¼” black ash frame

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The river otter glides gracefully through the silvery cool water. There is a mirrored reflection of his chin and nose in the water and a trail of ripples fan out behind him in his wake. A fine brush was used to the whiskers and wetness of his coat. His eyes are set as he swims toward his destination.

River otters swim using their powerful tails and flexing their bodies. They are excellent swimmers and can swim about 7 miles per hour. Otters use their whiskers to sense where fish or prey are located, along with their sense of smell and sharp hearing. They can hold their breath under water from 4 to 8 minutes.

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