The Artist

""My love and passion for wildlife has led to my journey of painting, to me, they go hand in hand. When I create a painting, it is more than paint on a brush, it is bringing an animal or scene to life. With my brushes and hues I capture moments in time, instants and exact feelings. When a wolf is caught in the element of surprise or a deer is caught off guard, these are precise moments I bring to life." "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Johanna's love and passion for wildlife reflects in her paintings as she strives in bringing her subjects to life in their natural habitats. She studies and researches each of her subjects before starting a painting. "Knowing as much as I can about the subject (their character, habits and surroundings) help me to set the mood for my painting."  Johanna has donated original paintings and numerous prints to various organizations for educational, environmental and conservation in support of wildlife.

Recent Artwork