"As a member of Artists for Conservation it is important to me to support the best way I know how, by creating art.  Donating paintings to causes to help conservation efforts as they hold events to raise awareness and funds to support their programs.  Another great way to support is to tell others and share inspiration to paint and study our beautiful world to create art that will last for life times.  I add annually my collections Pathways, Forgotten, Floral & Buddies. Contact me directly for original paintings, some prints and other merchandise available on Fine Art America under Elissa Ewald   "

Each piece have a percentage going to a conservation cause of my choice.  Follow me on social media for latest available original art & events.


Conservation Projects & Causes

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Buddies by Elissa Ewald

Children's book to raise awareness of kindness to others with acceptance of others and where they may live or how they may live. No one wants to be alone and everyone needs at least one friend in life. This book is meant to promote companionship and trust.