Born and raised in Wales Wisconsin, Elissa Ewald is the youngest of three. She started drawing at the young age of seven. As she grew as an artist in her high school years, she started taking her art more seriously.  Half way through high school her family moved two hours north to the small town of Coloma Wisconsin.  She then spent many days walking through her parent’s property enjoying the calm of the trees and finding wild lady slippers growing among the pines. She had plenty of opportunity to study nature in all its splendor.  As she continued to paint throughout her life, art became a way of expressing her passion for life experiences with her husband and their two children.  Finding adventures in researching subjects she chooses to paint and meeting amazing people along the way.  Everyone has stories to tell and every painting she creates has a story.  Elissa has four collections of works she is very passionate about growing; Buddies, Pathways, The Forgotten, and Floral.  

Special Achievements: