The Artist

"ARTIST STATEMENT   The collections I have chosen to grow are so important to me because they each truly represent  the preciousness of life.  “Buddies” is a collection that represents the fact that every living thing needs companionship, by using happy colors to emphasize the feeling of joy that comes from having a friend by your side.       “The Forgotten” is a tribute to all things lost and almost forgotten.  With sadness in the lost or almost forgotten we find joy in what they gave us in these lessons in life.  Every “Forgotten” painting has a great story of how it came to be.    “Pathways” are everywhere, I love finding depth in every pathway and the excitement of remembering each day spent finding them. Every pathway has a purpose and a store to be
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Bringing art to life through gardening, animal study, research, and history, I love creating art that is aisthetically pleasing, it is so important to enjoy the art we hang on our walls and even better if it supports a cause!  Visit my web site link to order copies today.  Private message me for info on original work available and follow me on facebook to find latest shows I will be at. 

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