Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros | Wallhanging by Ray Wittenberg | Artists for ConservationJavan Rhinoceros | Wallhanging by Ray Wittenberg | Artists for ConservationJavan Rhinoceros | Wallhanging by Ray Wittenberg | Artists for Conservation

Javan Rhinoceros

77.00cm H x 103.00cm W
Acrylic (canvas)
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Price: $1,500 USD

The Asian lesser one horned rhinoceros, better known as the Javan rhinoeros because the island of Java offers this exciting alpha species one last chance at survival when once it roamed through all the forests of South East Asia as far north as China. The animal is worthy of conservation, it is worthy of eluciidation in the art forum offered here by Artists for Conservation. My image of this animal is coupled with a cannabis plant otherwise called hemp. I did so deliberately. The hemp plant is much maligned once its's usefulness seemed to interfer with the machinations of industrial progress. Uptil then civilisation as we know practically revolved around the derivitives of the cannabis plant. It's history seems to mesh intimately with the progress of man, it is the most useful plant and no part of it is wasted. Hemp fibre found the New World under the helm of Columbus, Hemp sail powered the fleets of the giant British Empire, Rembrandt painted his wonderful stories on hemp canva all because hemp is the strongest natural plant fibre that can be woven and coiled. The palnt has medicinal properties much more substantive than rhinoceros horn and there is the line of my painting. Hemp grows fast,, full grown in four months, it requires less water and no feriliser and improves wasted soil in then process. The cannabis plant is mankind's natural companion plant and could spare all the remaining forest  because of it makes strong composite wood and excellent paper, which it has done since the Pharoahs of Eygpt at least. I also produces abundent flodder for a hungry herbivore like the Javan rhinoceros why wouldn't I choose to promote both these amazing wild characters that already played such important roles in the biodiversity of our planet and physically enabled humans to becomes the adaptive species we excel at. The background is acrylic gold paint for effect.

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Javan rhinoceros | Open Edition (signed) Open 36.00cm H x 52.00cm W $150.00 USD

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