"Conservation means the planet, so what future will that bring? Well that depends on us, the 'wise hominid', the creative species. I envision a biological and technologically diverse environment that sustains an educated conservative humanism as creative and robust as the wilderness continues to nurture us, to enable us and inspire us to be who we want to be. "

Art as activism offers real purpose to the creative spirit. I once offered up a couple of paintings to a rhino foundation auction and earned them eight thousand dollars. I discovered later they were a commercial enterprise based in Kenya selling their safari adventures. Today I stay a little closer to home, but here in Tasmania we have a Government that sees the last wilderness of this island as a resource to be exploited by reversing previous legislation that preserved important virgin forest. The Bob Brown Foundation is fighting hard to regain political and legal leverage to save the Tamar Forest and needs all the help they can get. I want to contributee to their fight with my art.